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Stress and Health: New Research

"Of Street Mice and Men: A Radical Approach to Old Problems" published in Stress and Health: New Research, Chapter 3, pages 61 - 79, editor Kimberly V Oxington Nova Science Publications.\r\n\r\nAbstract: The tremendous destructive capabilities of reactive oxygen species in stress related disorders has become apparent only recently, although in early historical times the ancients may have been aware of the devastating power of stress on well-being. This chapter explores ancient myths and modern

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Oxford MediStress CEO appears on Sky’s Chrissy B show

Oxford MediStress Ltd, a University of Oxford spin-out company commercializing a patented blood test for the rapid, direct, quantitative measurement of stress, announced that its CEO was recently interviewed on a popular health and wellness TV show.

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International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics

This study demonstrates how immune responsiveness, known to be influenced by psychological stress, can be used to assess changes in mental workload. Healthy male and female subjects provided capillary blood samples before and after completing the same, basic, driver-related tasks followed by a simple manoeuvre in two unfamiliar motor vehicles.

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International Journal of Human Computer Interaction

The capability of drivers to accomplish basic tasks utilizing differing sensory modalities while maintaining lane discipline within a computer-simulated environment was assessed. Subjects provided capillary blood samples before and after using three human–machine interface designs—touch-screen, voice control, and multimodal.

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Experimental Physiology Journal

In this experiment badgers (Meles meles), which were caught as part of an on-going population study, were either transported to a central site prior to blood sampling or blood was collected at their site of capture. Using the leukocyte coping capacity (LCC) test kit, the ability of leukocytes to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) in vitro was assessed.

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