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With an estimated annual cost to the British economy of £3.7 billion, stress has been labelled the curse of the 21st century, leading to the loss of over 10 million working days each year (UK Health & Safety Executive, 2013). Optimising stress levels through programmes of vigilance and monitoring has, therefore, become essential in many industries. Oxford MediStress, a spin out company from the University of Oxford, has commercialised a novel in vitro blood test device which provides the first objective, rapid, quantitative measurement of stress. Our patented test is a blood test with a difference: with just a tiny drop of blood our system provides a numerical measurement of stress levels in just 10 minutes. It is painless, rapid and extremely robust meaning that it can and should be used on a regular basis.\r\nSome key facts about our company and technology:

  • The company is a spin-out  from the University of Oxford (where the technology was originally developed),
  • The technology is protected by patents which have been granted in our key markets, including  Europe, USA,& Japan,
  • Numerous scientific articles reporting the use of this measurement technology have been published in peer-reviewed journals,
  • A number of Blue Chip companies are using the technology in a wide variety of applications,
  • The technology provides actionable results in 10 minutes from a finger prick drop of blood,
  • This is the only point-of-care (real time) stress measurement system that provides objective, actionable data this quickly.

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Oxford MediStress CEO David Sarphie (C) on set at the Chrissy B show studios
Oxford MediStress CEO David Sarphie on set at the Chrissy B show studios

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