Oxford MediStress, a spin out company from the University of Oxford, is commercialising a novel in vitro blood test device which provides the first objective, quantitative, point-of-care measurement of stress. While the focus of the company is developing the Leukocyte CopingCapacity™ (LCC) stress test as a first-of-its kind product for use in a variety of settings including sports, occupational health and pharmacies/GP’s clinics, we can also provide a tailor-made service, and can arrange for one of our team to monitor stress in corporate executives, professional athletes, gym-goers, animals and in clinical trials. There are a host of mediators (over 250) released in response to stress. Measuring a single mediator can be useful, but it does not tell the whole story. The ideal stress indicator would be the sum of these mediators. Our test monitors the multi-faceted effects of stress using the cells as bio-indicators. The body’s leukocytes (white cells) circulate throughout the body picking up and responding to all of the signals of stress. When cells are stressed they behave differently; our test can pick up on these subtle changes in reactivity, informing us on how well the body is coping with both physiological and psychological stressors.