Talking to the Animals: Novel LCC Test Unlocks Secrets to Animal Stress Levels

One Drop of Blood is All it Takes to Transform Wildlife Conservation, Petcare, and Farming Practices

Oxford, UK, 18 August 2023 — A groundbreaking diagnostic test known as the Leukocyte CopingCapacity™ (LCC™) test is revolutionizing our understanding of animal stress levels. Using just a single drop of blood taken from an ear or paw prick, researchers can now accurately gauge an animal’s stress levels.

The LCC test, pioneered by leukocyte expert Dr Rubina Mian and Professor David Macdonald of the University of Oxford’s zoology department, has already been implemented in over 25 different species, ranging from the Kulan of Outer Mongolia and turtles in Costa Rica to wild Brown Bears airlifted and released, and the majestic White-tailed Eagle.

“LCC revolutionises point of care diagnostics and animal welfare,” said Veterinary Expert Dr Nikolaus Huber, from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Austria. Being a 10-minute mobile test, it is viable even in the most remote corners of the world. Dr Huber has used it extensively in his work with endangered species globally.

Dr David Sarphie, the CEO of Oxford MediStress, the company behind the LCC test, stated, “Our primary goal is to make this innovative test user-friendly. We’re on the brink of transforming not just wildlife conservation, but also the pet care industry and farming practices. And it can help humans too.”

The implications of the LCC test are far-reaching. In addition to wildlife conservation, the test’s application in pet care can lead to more personalized and effective intervention strategies. Within farming, the technique has the potential to optimize production and management practices by promoting animal health and well-being, subsequently improving product quality.

Furthermore, the LCC test is not limited to animals alone. It is currently being utilized to revolutionize working conditions for oil rig workers, helping organizations better understand and manage employee stress levels and reduce stress in workers.

Oxford MediStress, led by Dr David Sarphie, is actively seeking investment to increase the reach of its commercial team and further its research and development efforts and. By broadening the test’s reach, the company aims to enhance the well-being of animals and humans alike across the globe.

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Kulan – an endangered species in Central Asia which has been monitored using the LCC™

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